Now you can learn Noorani Qaida online by sitting in your home by joining online classes on mobile or computer. This is the most advanced and convenient method of learning initial Qaida online from your personal tutor. Moreover, you have the opportunity of learning Qaida any time you want. A proper learning environment will be provided to your child in the live Quran session. Every student will receive equal attention from the tutor in the whole 30 minutes Quran class. If you’re unable to locate any Noorani Qaida teacher for your child, look no further. Come directly to our platform and we will help your child master the basic Quran Qaida by sitting at the home.


We have years of experience in teaching the Quran through internet classes. If you are worried about picking and dropping off your child in an Islamic center or local mosque, you can easily overcome this solution by joining hands with us. We will accurately teach your child the lessons of the Quran without any chance of mistake or error. Online Quran tutoring has certain benefits; children can hear and see/her lesson on the screen. Also, he has the option of directly communicating and questioning with his Quran teacher. Due to being a minority in the West, Muslim parents are not able to teach Quran to their children in physical institutions. We have derived a solution to this most common problem and that is online Quran tutoring. We have excelled ourselves in the Quran teaching courses by providing competent and knowledgeable Quran teachers. Avail this opportunity of learning the Quran on the Internet and also give Quranic teachings to your children. Our online Quran tutors are waiting for you to leverage this offer.


Our Quranic classes are home-based. It means that you don’t have to come to our physical institution for getting Quranic classes. We have devised several online Quran courses to educate you and your children with Quran pronunciation and Quranic teachings. Now you can get Quran education by remaining at your home without any hassle or complication. We use to arrange separate online classes for female students in which female tutors teach the pupils. It’s totally up to you to choose whether you want to learn from a male or a female tutor. Moreover, we also provide you the offer of arranging and attending a separate class for your child so that he may get full focus and attention from his Quran tutor.


Our Online Quran classes are self-decided.  Self-paced classes refer to the Quran learning sessions in which you have no pressure of learning deadlines. Such sort of classes will help your child to be more mentally free and learn his lesson. Self-Paced Quran Classes tend to be totally opposed to the traditional Madrasa classes. The child is given a choice and a limit to learning his lesson by heart without any force or compulsion. Moreover, the child learns with his own natural speed of learning. Furthermore, it is more cost-effective than hiring a personal tutor for your child. You don’t need to purchase any book or guidebook because we provide online material for learning to our students. Self-paced Quran learning is an effective way of designing the course of student learning, accountability, and enhancement of self-assurance.


As the population of Muslims has been increasing around the world, the need for arranging Quranic classes has been enhanced. We have introduced online Quran classes to fulfill this growing need of the Muslim population. Online Quran teaching is a cost-effective and influential way of getting Quran education. Quran School is a platform that offers you accurate and thought-provoking Quran classes via the Internet. If you intend to learn Quran via the internet, EQuran School is the best pick for you. You can test our Quran skills by using our free trial. You will get to know how our hard-working tutors are imparting Quran education to their valued students. Moreover, you will feel how easy it is to get an online Quran education without having any trouble. Our tutors have years of experience in Quran teaching and tutoring and they teach the Tajweed accurately to their students. They consider any sort of mistake or distortion in Quran Tajweed as a Voluminous blunder.


With the emergence of platforms like Skype and Zoom, arranging live Quran Sessions with Online Quran Teachers have become quite easy and effortless. These online classes arranged by our mindful teachers are extremely instrumental to your child. No matter how many ages you or your child have, we consider it a religious duty to give you Quranic education. Apps like Skype and zoom provide endless features like screen sharing through which you can share your Quran lesson with your tutor. You don’t need any extraordinary apparatus for arranging an online Quran classes. Online Quran teaching emanates new ways of Quran education to the students of West as well as Muslim countries.  It is the best opportunity for distance learning especially Quran learning.


Being a Muslim, it’s the duty of parents to educate the teachings of the Quran to their children so that they grow up as responsible individuals. Stat imparting Islamic education to your children at an early age so that Islam can be inculcated in their minds and hearts. In the West, countless parents desire to give Islamic teachings to their children to make them good individuals but they fail in doing so. This is because of their busy life or business affairs. But this issue will no more tease you. We provide a flexible opportunity to you and your children for Quran learning. We have come up with online Quran classes to cater your Islamic needs. Along with Quran tutoring, we impart your children with basic and fundamental teachings of Islam. If you are residing in an area where there is no indigenous Islamic School for Quran tutoring, then EQuran School is the paramount option for you.


We offer online classes to those individuals and children who are unable to attend physical Quran classes due to certain reasons or hurdles. We provide an opportunity to our students to select time duration and point time for the online Quran class. Now it is quite flexible for you to select a timetable that suits your routine and schedule. In traditional classes, students mostly do not get proper attention from the teacher but in our online Quran class, you get focused time with your Quran tutor. You will receive full attention from your Quran teacher. Our Online Quran class ensures the increased chances of a student’s performance due to proper dedication and concentration.

About Me

Our classes are designed to accommodate students from all walks of life. Currently we have students of different backgrounds ranging from retired professionals to young students who do not even know how to read or write Arabic. 


About Me

Our classes are designed to accommodate students from all walks of life. Currently we have students of different backgrounds ranging from retired professionals to young students who do not even know how to read or write Arabic.