Online quran teacher

Quran is the ultimate source of guidance at every step of life for all human beings in the world. It is, therefore, obligatory for each Muslim to learn how to read the Quran and to realize its message in the true sense.

Online quran teacher

Need of Quran tutor:

Being a Quran tutor carries a lot of admiration, dignity, and respect. To teach our Muslim children and adults about the Quran and its authority, the Quran teacher must be very informed, punctual, and practical to be a role model, as well as possessing a comprehensive grasp of Tajweed.

Online Quran teaching:

In the present era, there is much need for online Quran teachers. Online Quran teaching is becoming an efficient way of imparting the essential message of Quran to the others. And online Qaida teaching for kids are a means of guaranteeing that your children will raise in the true Islamic spirit, and as they grow older, they will learn more about their religion. An online quran tutor with the required qualification is a need of our community and our duty to perform for teaching the Holy Quran to our children.

Online quran teaching

Importance of learning quran online:

Online holy quran teaching and learning is mandatory for all Muslims. Quran is in the Arabic language which is the 5th biggest language spoken in the whole world but not the native language for some people and they have a strong desire of learning in the Arabic language. A quran online teacher is a great blessing for them, it doesn’t matter how far they are living, they can get the benefit of online quran teaching. Learning Quran is the Islamic Holy scripture that contains the words of Allah. Since Quran was revealed upon our Holy Prophet  Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), in the Arabic language, is a big source of guidance for the whole of mankind.

Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) announced himself as a teacher. Almighty says:

“Like (a favor which you have already received) in that We have sent among you a Messenger of your own, rehearsing to you Our verses, and purifying you, and instructing you in scripture and wisdom, and new knowledge.” (Sura Al-Baqarah: Ayat 151).

Almighty Allah mentioned this objective of mission: The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was to teach the Book, the wisdom, and unknown things. Thus, he was sent among men as a teacher as well.

It is reported that Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has said:

The best among you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it to others.”

learning quran online

Need of online Quran teaching for Muslims in western countries:

Out of all Muslims residing on this planet, a significant proportion lives in western countries and the USA, etc. So, the best Quran teacher online in the USA and other countries is one means of providing these Muslims understanding of basic principles of Islam and their Islamic foundations as well. Being Muslims we should realize the state of the Muslim ummah today to know how much they need for the best quran teacher is there. Whether we look at Muslim-majority countries or Muslim communities in Western countries, we find that Muslims are largely moving away from Allah’s teachings. By Allah’s grace, there will always be righteous believers. However, the number of those believers keeps shrinking.

In the modern world, we often listen to the concept of the modern” Muslim. This concept represents the Muslims who accept their identity as members of the faith but have very little knowledge of religion. Hence, they are often referred to as Muslims by name alone.

Online quran teaching to combat with anti-Islamic campaign:

Quran teaching especially online quran teaching has become the need of the hour. Because several anti-Islamic campaigns are spreading a lot of misconceptions about Islam and the Quran, and the only way we can take steps to remove these deliberate confusions is to study the Quran for ourselves to see the solution to our problem and to spread its knowledge to all Muslims through best online quran teaching, living in those areas where it is difficult for them to learn Quran by going outside of their homes.

Teaching the Glorious Quran to children is necessary as well. Children who learn the Quran help to make an Islamic environment in their homes. They can answer queries of their peers and they can lead their life from the very start based on Quranic principles. Online Quran classes for kids are becoming increasingly popular, and you can use them to teach your kids everything they need to know about Islam and the Quran.

Teaching the Quran can be a means of firming your knowledge of it too. When we teach someone, we get more understanding too. In the special case of the Holy Quran, this can lead us to explore deeply the real message of our Supreme Creator.

Online quran teaching

The traditional method has its benefit, no doubt, in that the influence of the scholar over the student leads to better understanding. But in the modern age, this is unfeasible for a variety of reasons. Most students do not have the time to devote to a scholarship. Moreover, this method has led to moral and social issues in some areas. Therefore

online Quran teaching emerging as an efficient tool to facilitate and promote Quran learning through the internet.

In any Islamic civilization, it is critical to teach the Quran. According to historical reports, Hazrat Umar (RadiAllahuAnhu), Islam’s second caliph, appointed special tutors to teach the Quran after prayers in mosques. The mosque became an important center for spreading Islamic knowledge as a result of this practice. Now, however, times have changed and while the importance of visiting mosques cannot be underestimated, people prefer to learn Quran in more time-saving and interactive ways Online Quran classes are extremely advantageous for the Muslim community in non-Muslim nations because most people work at different hours there and need a flexible schedule to learn the Quran.

One of our fundamental responsibilities as Muslims is to learn the Quran. Teaching the Quran is an even more effective way of propagating Islam and improving our relationship with Allah Almighty, as well as insuring that we will behold His Countenance on the Day of Judgment.