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Holy Quran is the sacred book of our creator that was revealed to last Prophet Muhammad about fourteen hundred years ago. Aside from enriched knowledge, reciting the Quran has religious and spiritual benefits for Muslims. So, being a Muslim, we have a responsibility to learn and teach the Quran. When a Muslim learns and recite the Quran, he or she will gain a far greater comprehension of the Arabic language and its intricacies. Tajweed is one of the most important nuances.


A question arises in our mind, what is tajweed? Tajweed is an Arabic language term that means “to make batter” or “doing something well”. When we talk about learn Quran with tajweed, we’re talking about giving each word of the Quran its due right. If you are unfamiliar with the tajweed rules, you will not be able to fully essence the core of Quran recitation.

Furthermore, if the words of the Holy Quran are not pronounced correctly or if the tajweed rules are not followed, the meanings of the Quran’s words change. People who strive to learn tajweed to understand the most profound source of knowledge in word to word of His creator, is the luckiest one in the world.

Outline of “Quran tajweed online” course:

  • Pronunciation of each letter of the Quran.
  • Full Quran recitation with tajweed proficiently.
  • Mastery of letters and their phonetics.
  •  Foundation of tajweed.
  • All rules of tajweed.
  • Apply tajweed to Al- Basmalah and Istiathah.
  • Reading practice of all Paras 1 to Para 30.
  • Regular assignment and exercise to make sure understanding of the student.

Requirements of this course:

Some basic requirements are required to take this tajweed course.

  1. Students must have read Quran one time before this course.
  2. Fluent Quran reader achieves full skill of tajweed.
  3. Student must have knowledge of Madd, Shadd, Tanween, Sukoon, Harakaat.

Importance of reading Quran with tajweed

  1. Aside from the fact that it is the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad to recite the Quran with Tajweed rules. In this way, they earn rewards by following the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet .
  2. The fact that Allah Almighty revealed the Quran is the basis for Tajweed. As His subjects, it is essential that we read and recite the Quran in the same manner in which He has revealed it.

Rules of tajweed:

  •  Manners of the heart.
  • Seeking refuge.
  • Say Basmalah.
  • Rule of Noon and Meem mushaddadah.
  • Al-Noon saakin and tanween.
  •  Rule of Iqlab, Idgham, Ikhfa, and Izhar.
  • Al-Meen saakinah.
  • Rule of Ikhfaa shafawy, Izhaar shafawy, Idghaam shafawy.
  •  Al-Laam shamsiyah and A-Laam qamariyah.
  • Al-Qalqala.
  •  Heavy and light letters.
  •  Al- Madd rules.
  • Points of speech (Makhaarij-ul-huroof).
  • Sifaat-ul-huroof.
  •  Rules of stopping (Waqaf).
  • Tafkhim and Tarqeeq.
  •  Hamzah (connecting and cutting).
  •  Siffatul huroof.
  • Attributes of letters.

The student will be able to recite the Holy Quran with proper tajweed rules after completing this featured course.

2 Days

$ 25 Monthly
  • 30 minutes/ Live session
  • 8 classes/ month

3 Days

$ 30 Monthly
  • 30 minutes/ Live session
  • 12 classes/month

4 Days

$ 35 Monthly
  • 30 minutes/ Live session
  • 16 classes/ month

5 Days

$ 40 Monthly
  • 30 minutes/ Live session
  • 20 classes/ month

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