Surah Yaseen

The Quran is Allah (SWT’s) greatest gift and mercy that He has given upon humanity by His beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Which was revealed in a period of about thirty years and ten virtues are gained by reading one letter of it. Aside from enhanced knowledge, reciting the Quran has spiritual and religious benefits for Muslims. In short, it is the final guide for success and also the source of salvation.

Every Surah of the Quran is significant and holds profound meaning, but Surah Yaseen is the heart of the wonderful Quran. Because this Surah includes all of the major issues in the Quran, including Allah’s (SWT) existence, a story concerning several messengers, signs of His Oneness, the day of judgment, shielding the Prophet ﷺ, and much more.

Surah Yaseen is without any doubt the most eloquent text. “Ya Seen” is a name derived from the first verse, which mentions two letters of the Arabic alphabet. These letters are known as Huroof Al Muqattat or Mystery Abbreviated Letters. However, this does not imply that this name is the true subject of the Surah. As with most other Surahs of the Quran, it is only a reference and mark/symbol to identify this Surah from others. In this Surah, a wide range of issues are explored. Surah Yaseen was revealed in Mecca in a later stage of Muhammad’s pronouncement of his prophethood and is known as a ‘makki’ Sura. It is the thirty-sixth surah of the Holy Quran and lies in twenty-two and twenty-three chapter. It has been divided into five rukus/sections, a total of eighty-three verses, and a ‘Salam’.

The purpose of revelation was to provide comprehensive information about the day of resurrection, Allah’s bounty, and the process of accountability to the Muslim ummah. The surah concentrates on founding the Quran as a divine source and warns against mocking God’s teachings and being stubborn.

Benefits and Rewards

There are many benefits and rewards of reciting surah Yaseen like, it Shields against enemies, easiness during death, to treat a variety of illnesses, and if a person recites it during the night with the goal of pleasing Allah (SWT), he will wake up free of sin the next morning.

By reciting Surah Yaseen, all kinds of good are obtained in this world and in the hereafter, especially when it is recited near the dead ones. If a person makes it a habit to read Surah Yaseen after offering Fajr prayer once a day, he will soon become popular among the people, will be blessed with wealth, all kinds of diseases will disappear and there will be a tendency for goodness in nature. Allah (SWT) acknowledges that person’s dua and fulfills his or her desires. The disease will be cured. If a person wishes to have children, he will have great and moral offspring. If a prisoner reads Surah Yaseen a lot while incarcerated, he will be released.

It is one of Allah’s greatest blessings, and every Muslim should read and recite Surah Yaseen on a regular basis.