How to do Wudu

Wudu is the ritual in Islam that is done to purify oneself physically and spiritually before offering Salah. This purification is an obligatory step that includes rinsing hands, mouth, nostrils, face, arms, feet, and washing inner self with Duaah and meditation.


These steps should be followed with the sequence dictated in Islam, without taking long pauses or any other kind of obstruction or diversion.


How to perform wudu step by step? 


If you don’t know how to do Wudu, we will guide you on how to perform wudu step by step, along with Duaah during wudu and Duaah after wudu.


Wudu steps in accurate sequence:


  1. Make Niyyah (Intention):


Make a strong intention, center your attention, and focus seriously on what you are going to perform. Niyyah is not about saying intention phrases loudly, rather revise it in heart and start wudu by reciting Bismillah.


  1. Wash hands:


Use your left hand to rinse the right hand and your right hand to wash the left one. Repeat this action three times and don’t forget to wash between the fingers and knuckles.


  1. Rinse your mouth:


Use your right hand to take water into your mouth. Thoroughly wash the oral cavity by swishing it around in your cheeks. Do this step three times.


  1. Take water into your nose:


Use your right hand to inhale water into your nostrils, repeating this act three times. Snort slightly to avoid choking yourself. Use warm water for cleansing your nose so that all the dust and germs stuck inside are wiped out.


  1. Wash the entire face:


Wash the entire face thoroughly, rubbing your hand from right ear to left ear, and from hairline to chin. Repeat this step three times to make sure the complete wash.


  1. Wash arms thoroughly till elbows:


Wash your right arm from wrist to elbow by putting water over it and similarly, wash the left arm in the same manner. Repeat the washing process three times on each arm.


  1. Do Masseh:


Masseh means cleaning your head with wet hands. With your wet hands, wipe the whole head, from forehead to back head, and then back of the head to the forepart of the head.


  1. Clean your ears:


Make use of your thumbs to clean the back part of your ears and index fingers to cleanse the inner parts of the ears. Your hands should be wet. Perform this step only one.


  1. Wash both feet:


Wash both your feet up to the ankles. Making use of your little fingers of both hands, wipe anything stuck in between your toes. Wash your foot by scrubbing them three times.


  1. Recite Duaah after wudu:


Once you complete all the steps of wudu, recite wudu duaah. You can read it in a low tone, without making a loud sound.

Wudu Duaah

Wudu Duaah:


In English,


“I testify that there is no one worthy of worship besides Allah. He is all by Himself and has no partner and I testify that Muhammad is Allah’s servant and Rasul (Messenger) O Allah, count me (include me) among those who seek forgiveness and amongst those who stay clean O Allah, You are pure.  I praise You and testify that only You are worthy of worship and I seek forgiveness from You. I turn to You for repentance.”