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Our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ said:

               “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”

Quran is a Holy Book prescribed by ALLAH and revealed on our beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). There are different ways through which everyone can learn the Quran the right way. Learning Quran is very important for every Muslim. Our International Quran Academy is an Islamic education platform providing Quranic education and Islamic education all over the world.

Online International Quran Academy was initiated in 2015 to promote Islamic education and a lot more about Islam for all groups of ages. Our main objective is to teach the Quran, guide you how to learn Quran efficiently, teach the basic fundamental concepts of Islam, Aqaid, provide Islamic education as well as motivate you to become a superior person in front of Allah. In this modern time, life has become busy and furious, the people who are living in different countries of the world taking numerous courses online and save travel expenditure and time.

People are usually focused on teaching methodologies monitored by institutes. The only methodology is not essential in online learning Quran, the experience and qualification of a tutor are also important. It is compulsory for the teachers to recognize the learning method of all students. It can be only done if the tutors give their lessons in pleasant and friendly environment. The teaching method should be perfect to encourage the students to read the Quran and learn about Islam.

Our platform provides an experienced and dedicated staff who fulfill these requirements effectively. Our enthusiastic online tutors will make you perfect at reading the Quran, memorization of the Quran and in many other courses. They can teach you Tafseer of the Quran in the Urdu language. As the Quranic education in very important for every Muslim. And in our religion Islam, parents have a huge responsibility to arrange a well-experienced and qualified Quran tutor for their children leaning because this is very sensitive and small carelessness can cost a lot.

In Muslim countries, learning Quran is not a big problem, but in non-Muslim countries, Muslim community faces a lot of problems with taking Quranic education. In that case, best online Quranic academy in USA offers services in the whole world, whether, the people are living in any Muslim country or non-Muslim country. Our services are available for everyone. There are numerous countries all over the world, where a shortage of well-qualified and experienced Quran tutors who can teach Quranic education to people in a true sense. Hence, our platform would be a great blessing for the people who are living in these countries.

We are offering many courses like Hifz Quran, Tafseer Quran in Urdu language, Tajweed e Quran, Madni Qaida, learn Quran in Arabic, Islamic education and many more. We are setting the timings of classes according to student desire. We are taken classes throughout the day. There is no specific limitation of time, Day or night our both (female and male) empowered staff are available to teach the Quran that is the reason why this Quran academy is well-known for years.

The major benefit of these all courses is that you can memorize the Quran in your comfort zone, without going anywhere. You just need a computer, strong internet connections, microphone and headset. The other advantages of online courses are that; they are available one-on-one. By this, students can receive full attention of tutors. And this is the best for those women who are not going outside for learning, now with the help of the international Quran academy they can easily learn in homes.

There is no restriction of age to enroll in International Quran Academy. If you want to learn from a male tutor or a female tutor, we provide you both according to your requirements. So, our online Quran academy is one of the best sources of learning the Quran and Islam. If you are looking for experienced, competent and qualified tutors for your children or even for your own, you don’t have to more worry about that.

Visit our website international online Quran academy, select the specific course that you need to learn, sign up with the course and start your journey to learning Islam online in a peaceful way. Additionally, if you have any uncertainties about online Quran Classes, you can be trying out our free trial classes for evaluation then you sign up for daily classes. International Online Quran Academy can be beneficial for all Muslim children, adults and all ages people as well as new Muslims who want to learn about Quran and Islam. Visit our site and get benefit from it.

Online Noorani Qaida Course

The dynamic alternative learning mechanism for how to learn the Holy Quran at home is a concept for accumulating knowledge via online Quran classes. For Muslims living in non-Muslim countries, this concept is quite beneficial. Online Quran classes the USA provides online Quran learning courses for both adults and children.

Muslims consider the Quran to be the holiest book since it has not been amended through generations, although followers of other religions have altered their holy writings. Muslims believe that by following Allah’s word as recorded in the Quran, they can obtain happiness on Earth and tranquility in the afterlife.

Online Quran Reading Course

Tajweed is the Quran’s grammar, and it is crucial to understand it since it educates how to pronounce the words and grammar of the Holy Scripture correctly. Tajweed must be corrected, and the only way to learn appropriate Tajweed is under the guidance of a wise scholar or a teacher who is knowledgeable in the subject. This highlights one of the most serious issues that Muslims, particularly Muslim parents of Muslim children, face in western countries and parts of the world where there are few or no Islamic institutes and masjids where they can learn and have their children learn. Obtaining the services of online Quran instructors and professors is the finest option for such folks.

Online Tajweed Course

You and your family can take online Quran classes to learn more about your religion. The USA possesses different Muslim organizations which provide Quranic Courses Online. Free Quran USA Academies will assist you in mastering the recitation of the Holy Quran. You will be able to learn the proper technique to recite the Holy Quran by studying their courses. They hire some of the top female Quran reciters and tutors in the world who are experts at reciting the Holy Quran. Online Islamic Tutors are well-versed in Quranic verse pronunciation. Quran instructors will ensure that you study the Holy Quran thoroughly and that you are able to succeed by incorporating Islamic principles into your daily life.

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