Benefits Ramadan Mubarak

A team of cardiologists deduced an explanation that people who fast in Ramadan had a positive effect on their lipid profile, which infers the reduction of cholesterol in the faster’s blood.  

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Muslim Calendar which is the epitome of beneficence and forgiveness and teaches the one generosity, sacrifice, control, reflection, abstinence, and faith. Benefits Ramadan Mubarak are evident from this qur’anic verse

 The word Ramadan derives its origin from Arabic which means “parched thirst” and “sun-burnt ground”. This in terms signify the abstinence of Muslims from food and sexual desires and expresses their thirst and hunger they experience in this month.

However, Ramadan offers incessant physical, spiritual, moral, social, economic, and mental benefits. The major ritual of Ramadan includes fasting from dawn to dusk and refrain from mating. Fasting in Ramadan is regarded as one of the major five pillars of Ramadan.

Benefits of fasting in Ramadan:

Fasting induces interminable benefits to the practitioner. We will discuss the benefits of Ramadan from the perspective of spiritual and moral benefits, and physical or health benefits.

Spiritual or moral benefits:

  • Unlimited blessings are granted:

In Ramadan Kareem, the blessings of Allah Almighty are showered upon all the humanity and forgiveness is rewarded to the sinners. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said,

“When the month of Ramadan comes, the doors of Heaven are opened, and the doors of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained in the shackles.”

  • Generates sympathy in the heart of fasters:

During fasting, Muslim experience thirst and hunger throughout the day, and in this way, a feeling of sympathy is generated in the heart of the fasters for those who have little food to eat and scarce water to quench their thirst.

  • Ramadan Kareem gets the faster closer to Allah Almighty:

In Ramadan, Muslims keep themselves in Ibadah or prayers, which draw them close to Allah Almighty and they think their life as blessing and become contented with their lives.

  • Financial help is made sure through Zakat:

Zakat is also one of the five elements of Islam (the other four are Shahada, Namaz, Hajj, Rozah). The greatest benefit of zakat is that wealth circulates equally among all the members of society. Hence, no one experiences poverty and dire circumstances. Zakat also generates sympathy for the financially weak class of the society and helps understand their miseries.

  • Class difference is abolished:

When people of all classes and sects read Iftar duaah and exercise Iftari and Sehri together, no class difference retains among them. They also recite Sehri Ki duaah together and perform Sehri in gatherings.

Muslims from all strata perform prayers in one row in mosques and hence, class, creed, color, and sect differentiation is eliminated.

  • Ramadan teaches us self-control:

Through abstinence, Ramadan teaches one he self-control, good manners, moral habits and improves the moral character of the Muslims. Ramadan also develops feelings of sympathy for sick, poor, and hungry.

  • Physical or health benefits:

Ramadan helps

  • Lower blood cholesterol level
  • Improves brain functioning by boosting brain performance
  • Eradicate bad habits like smoking etc.
  •  Helps to lose your weight through fasting
  • To detox your body from toxic substances
  • Increase metabolism by improving nutrients’ absorption.

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