Who is The Best Man in The World?

What do you think about who is the best man in the world? There are several presentable names to us but none of them can be rendered as perfect or consummate. Because each of them lacked and declined certain qualities that are complimentary for every human to be called a great man. 

There is no conceivable doubt in the fact that Holy Prophet Muhammad is the greatest man in the world. The world has not experienced the greater, sublime, and exalted man in the entire history, neither before nor after Him. His qualities were unmatchable, and his manners were exquisite and commendable. He was an embodiment of virtue, tenderness, benevolence, forgiveness, and well mannerism, courtesy, mercy, his peace-loving nature, and generosity were His prime assets.

Prophet Muhammad Birthday:

Prophet (S.A.W) was born in Mecca in 571 AD, approximately 1400 years ago. From the very first day of His birthday, the world underwent several miracles such as all the puppets in the Kaaba being shunned and broken. The fires of paganism were slacked. The ambient light prevailed and dominated the whole sky. It was just visually heralded that the greatest man, the reason for the creation of this universe, and the sole guidance for heathens had now arrived into the world. 

Why prophet Muhammad is the most influential and venerated personality in the entire history of humankind?

Prophet Muhammad is undoubtedly the Best man in the world and occupies the most venerable and revered seat among all human races. He is the only divine personality in the world who ever walked on earth. His sublimity and transcendence can be credited to the following traits found in his character. 

  1. He was thought to be the most veracious (the one who is truthful) in the town, and probably in the world. He was the truest and just speaking person. Even he was attributed with the titles of Saadiq and Ameen. Even the disbelievers trusted his truism and veracity.  
  1. He possessed tremendously Selfless character; he did everything for the sake of Allah. He never punished or revenged from any person on the basis of his personal whims and detest. He prayed even for those who pelted Him with stones while His stay in Taaif.
  1. He propagated peace and fraternity and said that All the Muslims in the world are brothers to each other. He founded fraternity as the basis of prosperity and blessing. Also, he forgave everyone who committed any misdeed to Him. 
  1. He showed exceptional kindness to kids and women because both were submissive creatures in the Ignorant Age. Prophet regarded women with excessive veneration and allocated certain rights for them. For children, he stated that they are the flowers in the Heavenly Garden.
  1. He was the greatest animals’ right activist. He raised his voice for the fair treatment of animals and said that they were also the creatures of Allah and need to be treated with kindness.

His other traits included

  • Good manners and dispositions 
  1. Humorous behavior along with preaching solemn lessons
  2. Concerned about orphans and poor
  3. Kind behavior with slaves
  4. Muhammad S.A.W was the capital of knowledge
  5. Disconnection from the worldly possessions

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