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Learning Arabic Language of the Quran

Over 200 million individuals in 28 countries from Africa to the Middle East speak the Arabic language, the language of Allah and Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ. The Arabic language is one of the eldest languages in the world. Modern Arabic is the official language of the Arab world, and it is largely stable in its written form across state borders. Muslims in the world admire Arabic as the language of the Holy Quran. In the opinion of Muslims, the Holy Quran has kept Arabic in its purest form, characterizing itself as a “clear Arabic book”. Learn to read the Quran in Arabic we must know the basics of the Arabic language. So that by prayer and reading the Quran we are able to comprehend and interpret Allah’s word.

It is the intimate connection between the Quran and Arabic that gave the language its special status. For that reason, it is the duty of every Muslim to learn Arabic. Like all Semitic languages, Arabic is characterized by the use of certain morphological outlines to originate words from abstract roots that represent general semantic meaning or notions.

As you are probably aware, there is a distinction between the spoken and written languages in Arabic. Different Arabic dialects make up spoken Arabic. In each of the Arabic speaking countries, the version of Arabic is slightly different with phrases, words, and colloquial expressions. When comes to written Arabic, the picture is much more straight forward. The prevalent form of written Arabic is Modern standard Arabic (MSA), which is typically what any Arabic course focuses on.

If you are serious about fully comprehending all of the Quran’s teachings, you’ll need to understand Quranic Arabic. Our course also provides some basic rules to learn Arabic for kids.

Learn Quran with Trial Class With Us

Learn Quran Arabic “course outline:

  • Arabic twenty-eight alphabets with different forms.
  • Memorizing the Arabic alphabet, Arabic letters, and Arabic grammar.
  • Arabic pronunciation, oral and written communication.
  • Quran reading with a great Arabic accent.
  • English to Arabic translation for English-speaking students.

The best way to learn Arabic

  • Employ the terminology on a regular basis.
  • Regular communication with native speakers of Arabic.
  • Immersion is the fastest way of learning Arabic.
  • Practice sentence and grammar of Quran.
  • Translate words from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English and make a vocabulary diary.

learn Arabic

Online Quran and Arabic course provide these tips to improve your overall learning experience.

  • Learn Arabic with tajweed in order to avoid mispronunciation of Quranic phrases and terminology.
  • As you start learning, study basic grammar. By this, within the first few hours of study, you surely get a good initial grasp.
  • Learn specific terminology of the Quran. As religion-specific language and phrases that don’t come across very often in everyday life.

It is far difficult for English speakers to learn and understand Arabic of Quran. Our featured Arabic course for English-speaking students provides you a good opportunity to get a comprehensive knowledge of Quranic Arabic.

International Quran Academy

International Quran Academy

Our classes are designed to accommodate students from all walks of life. Currently we have students of different backgrounds ranging from retired professionals to young students who do not even know how to read or write Arabic.

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