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Learn Quran with Tajweed

International Quran Academy is a well-known online Quran academy. Our course on “Quran with Tajweed” focuses on the primary goal of the true meaning of reciting the Quran. We provide suitable resources to learn the Quran online with Tajweed. As the holy book of guidance from Allah Almighty, it demands complete attention to eloquence in recitation. The challenge arises because many are accustomed to speaking their native or mother languages. 

We’ve designed a concise course that focuses on improving your Quranic pronunciation. This course will refine your recitation skills and help you memorize the Quran with correct pronunciation. Its content ensures a deeper spiritual connection and understanding of the holy text.

Mastering clear and accurate recitation is fundamental to engaging with the Quran’s profound teachings. This course is for students who have already completed their Qaida Course, which is the first step towards learning the Quran or already has some basic knowledge of Arabic. If you are a student who still needs to complete the Qaida course, first learn from our Noorani Qaida course.

In this course, the students will have the opportunity to enhance the beauty of their Quran recitation.

As discussed earlier, initial knowledge of Noorani Qaida is essential for this course. Moreover, it is also necessary for you to have a critical understanding of Arabic. Basic Arabic Understanding involves practising Arabic fundamentals, like grammatical rules and accents. You can use our relevant courses to have this pre-requisite knowledge. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your recitation and memorization skills, these courses offer the essential tools and guidance for your journey.

Whether you are a kid, a child or an adult, you are at the right place. Just enroll yourself and get to learn Quran Tajweed.

Enhancing Quran Recitation with Tajweed

This course involves practices and techniques for enhancing the beauty of recitation. Advanced Tajweed rules and techniques will be covered here. Firstly, you will get to learn about what Tajweed is. And then, you will explore the step-by-step procedure for it.

Voice modulation techniques will be taught in this course, enabling effective voice control. Rhythmic flow in recitation will be emphasized for smoother delivery. This course also includes the techniques for mastering the exact articulation points of Arabic letters.

The ones who believe in the truthfulness of the Quran and its teachings are the ones who read it correctly. Its reading pattern matters a lot for the true meaning. If someone is not correctly reciting the Quran, they repeat it improperly, which must be avoided at once.

Allah says in Quran:

Those to whom We gave the Book recite it as it should be recited; they are the ones that believe therein.” (2:121)

Many people around the globe are learning the Quran and engaging in its daily recitation. Learning Arabic alone does not equate to understanding the Quran or its correct recitation. Mastering Tajweed rules is crucial for ensuring accurate Quranic recitation. That is why it is essential to take this course.

Here are some summarized points that will let you know about the importance of taking this course:

  • Avoid grave pronunciation errors that could alter Quranic meanings and incur penalties.
  • Learn correct vowel sounds to prevent mispronunciations affecting the Quran’s integrity.
  • Master articulation techniques to navigate complex Quranic pronunciation with ease.
  • Understand when to pause or extend recitation, respecting the Quran’s rhythmic rules.
  • Gain knowledge of Tajweed rules to avoid common recitation mistakes and ensure accuracy.

This comprehensive course revolves around the principles of learning the Quran with tajweed. You will get to explore and discover this course in the breakdown structure as shown here :

Learn Quran with Tajweed Course Outline

This course contains the following elements:

  1. The recitation of the whole Quran
  2. Examination on completion of every chapter
  3. Six kalmas of Islam
  4. iman-e-mufsal and iman-e-mujamal
  5. Daily prayer supplications are in Arabic, accompanied by translations in English and Urdu.
  6. Prerequisite Knowledge

Moreover, this outline not only focuses on learning Tajweed effectively but also involves the practical application of the following points/rules:

  1. Correct Pronunciation of Arabic Letters
  2. Tajweed Rules and Application
  3. Articulation Points
  4. Nun Sakinah and Tanween Rules
  5. Stopping (Waqf) and Starting (Ibtida) Rules
  6. Recitation Rhythm and Melody (Tajweed)
  7. Memorization Techniques
  8. Practical Application through Recitation

Upon completing this course, you’ll possess a strong foundation in Tajweed and enhanced recitation skills. You’ll also gain a more profound respect for the art of Quranic recitation.

Learn Quran with Tajweed Course FAQ

You should have completed the Qaida Course or possess some foundational knowledge of Arabic. Beginners are encouraged to start with our Noorani Qaida course. We highly recommend starting with our comprehensive Noorani Qaida course for those who need this preliminary knowledge. This introductory course is structured to facilitate a gradual and thorough learning experience.

The course duration varies depending on the student’s pace and dedication. Typically, students can expect to complete it within a few months to a year. But if you are a good learner, you can achieve it within months too. Our professors are open to providing the services timely. These timely services can be beneficial for you in case of fast learning

Basic knowledge of Arabic is beneficial but optional. The course is designed to cater to beginners and those with prior understanding. With just a knowledge of primary Urdu characters, you can learn Arabic. Then you can proceed to take this course for a beautiful experience.

Upon completing the course and passing all necessary assessments, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. This certificate is a tangible acknowledgement of the student’s commitment and mastery of the course content, marking an important milestone in their educational journey. It is a testament to their dedication and hard work, enhancing their academic or professional portfolio.

Our lessons are conducted through a digital platform, offering both live and recorded sessions. Experienced instructors facilitate these sessions. This format ensures an engaging and interactive learning experience where students can benefit from immediate feedback on their progress. The live sessions provide a dynamic environment for real-time interaction, while the recorded sessions offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

Yes, we offer rolling admissions, so you can start the course at a time that best fits your schedule. This flexible enrollment policy ensures that there are no strict deadlines for beginning the course, offering you the convenience of starting your studies at the most suitable time.

Our course features one-on-one guidance from expert teachers to help tackle any hurdles. They’ll make sure you fully grasp the Tajweed rules. These dedicated sessions are designed to address your specific needs, ensuring you understand Tajweed principles comprehensively. Our teachers are committed to assisting you through any difficulties, providing you master and apply the rules correctly in your recitation.

This course suits those who have already completed the Qaida Course or know some Arabic and want to better their Quran reading with Tajweed. It’s perfect for anyone looking to enhance their recitation skills. Moreover, if you are a beginner, start learning Arabic from its course and then you can come to know this course.